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Welcome to Freemantles School

Freemantles is a Surrey County Council School for children and young people with complex social communication needs. Many of the pupils also have Autism. The school age range is from 4 – 19 years and we have a wide catchment area across the west of Surrey. The school has 185 pupils on roll.

I hope that, whether you are visiting as a current or prospective parent, looking for training opportunities or Outreach support, or just want to find out more about us, you are able to find the information you require.

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Mr Justin Price




Freemantles was judged to be an Outstanding

school by Ofsted in November 2016

Senior Leaders and governors have ensured that the school continues to improve. Their relentless drive for excellence ensures outstanding outcomes for the large majority of pupils.
Staff have a highly developed sense of the needs of individual pupils. Consequently, teaching is of a very high quality, providing pupils with constant opportunities to succeed.
Support Staff, including non-teaching staff are highly skilled and dedicated.
Expectations for all pupils are high, no matter how complex their needs...Many of the school's staff are highly experienced and specialists in their fields.
Leaders have ensured that developing pupils' well-being sits at the top of the school's priorities.






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