Freemantles Primary

freemantles co-produced Mission, Vision and Values

 School Mission:

To prioritise the Emotional Wellbeing of the children and young people, families and staff team at Freemantles and across the wider community, above all else to create the best environment for learning.

To support increasing Emotional Wellbeing  of children and young people to maximise progress. This promotes growing for greater resilience and equips them for a fulfilling, worthwhile and enjoyable life. At Freemantles this is achieved through developing:



Mission Statement: Working together to make sense of the world


Freemantles Vision 3-5 years

  • To develop the provision offered by Freemantles , so that it offers two highly successful schools (Primary and Secondary including FE) delivering appropriate, high quality, specialist teaching and learning based on a central tenet of emotional wellbeing for up to 270 children and young people with Autism / CSCN throughout the 4-19 age range.

Where children and young people’s emotional wellbeing is at its best, the ability to learn and, therefore their outcomes, will be maximised.

  • To offer a broad, bespoke curriculum that equips our children and young people for life.
  • To be able to sustain and grow the strong supportive relationships that we have with parents and families as the school grows, recognising that there is a relationship between wellbeing in the family and the wellbeing of the child / young person.
  • To ensure that throughout the period of growth and beyond, we sustain our focus on staff wellbeing and fulfilment:
    • as a vitally important element of our work in its own right.
    • to support the additional recruitment and individual professional development that will help the staff and the school to be successful
    • recognising a clear link between this and an impact on the wellbeing of the child or young person.
  • To seek further opportunities to expand upon:
    • The work that the Outreach service is commissioned to offer.
    • The provision of the range of training that we offer to the wider community including one off and training that builds knowledge, competence and experience over a period of time.

To continue to strategically and operationally develop and evolve the wide range of close working partnerships that the school is working actively within and seek opportunities to expand upon these where appropriate.

Freemantles Values


Respect: Tolerance, understanding differences, caring, choice, having a voice

Kindness: Caring, safety, support, challenge, compassion, empathy

Enjoyment: Sharing interests, enjoying life, happiness, engaging, motivation, fun

Lifelong Learning: Across all aspects of life, high expectations, resilience, emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, fulfilment, creativity, curiousity, independence

Working together: With each other, Collaboration, Teamwork, Flexibility, interdependence, Trust